7E Membership Program

Get the documents, tools, expert analysis and mentorship you need to build
a thriving mortgage note investment business.


Membership Program

The 7E Membership Program aims to cultivate the next wave of educated note investors.

This program is ideally suited to those looking to gain first-hand knowledge while having an experienced note investor advising them along the way.

The Membership services provide valuable information for any investor at any stage of the note acquisition as we provide content which can assist an investor when they have pre-selected a note for acquisition or as late as when an investor is contemplating foreclosure, or somewhere in between. Some of the topics we cover in our membership calls include:

  • Bid and Due Diligence Review
  • Manage the boarding of the Notes with the third party servicer
  • Manage the recordation and storage of collateral
  • General management of the Notes
  • Manage the exiting of the asset

Reliable Investor Education & Support

The value of being a part of the 7E membership community is that we’re co-elevating the MNI industry to make it better for everyone.

This membership group is for investors, by investors who are taking action to create reliable resources and share knowledge that can be accessible to everyone.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to hear from one talking head, you get access to industry experts across relevant disciplines, from all over the country.   

We really are about the “Notes and Bolts” of the business — no get rich, quick schemes, or snake oil sales here. The 7E Membership community is your hub for honest guidance, support, and mentorship. 

Got a question about membership? Email me.

Christopher Seveney

Are you ready to take your Note Investing journey to the next level?
See below for what our membership entails:

7E Membership

Take your Note Investing journey to the next level
$ 100
Monthly with a 6-Month Commitment
  • Access the private “Notes and Bolts” Facebook Community
  • Entry into 7E Membership Hub
  • Monthly LIVE Group Q&A with 7E Panel of Experts
  • Monthly LIVE Group Q&A with Chris Seveney
  • Access to PREMIUM Forms & Documents Library (See full list)
  • UNLIMITED Access to 7E Proprietary Partials, Performing Note & Non-Performing Calculators

What our Members have to say about Their 7E Membership:

“Chris Seveney talks the talk, but also walks the walk. He has grown his own note business from the ground up, and has been very generous in sharing his experiences along the way. We have partnered with 7E Investments on multiple occasions and can attest to his transparency and proficiency.” 

Vince K

“Initially I was an avid listener of [Chris’] “Good Deeds Investing” podcast and was impressed by his deep knowledge of the notes industry and his willingness to share his experience and insights. He is a great partner in my exploration of the wonderful world of notes investing.”

Jay C

“Working with Chris has been fantastic. He takes pride in educating those new to note investing and has the ability to clearly explain the process. He has been honest and transparent about the risks involved.”

Kelly I

What’s included in the Forms & Documents Library?

The 7E Membership Forms & Documents Library is Valued at Over $7,700!
All included with your Membership!