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Get the documents, tools, expert analysis and 1-1 mentorship you need to build a thriving mortgage note investment business.

Not your average membership

Reliable investor education and support.

The value of being a part of the Seveney Note Syndicate community is that we’re co-elevating the MNI industry to make it better for everyone.

This membership group is for investors, by investors who are taking action to create reliable resources and share knowledge that can be accessible to everyone.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to hear from one talking head, you get access to industry experts across relevant disciplines, from all over the country.

We really are about the “Notes and Bolts” of the business — no get-rich-quick schemes, or snake oil sales here. The Seveney Note Syndicate community is your hub for honest guidance, support, and mentorship.

Got a question about membership? Email me.

– Chris Seveney

Founder and CEO

Seveney Mortgage Note Investments

Seveney Mortgage Note Investing

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• I’m just getting into the investment realm. I’ve been reading up on different disciplines and am intrigued by MNIs. 

• I’m interested in learning and watching as the industry grows and connecting with others like me.  

• I’m dipping my toes into MNIs and looking to buys notes occasionally. I want to stay in touch with a network of similar people and keep up to date on industry happenings.

• I’m interested in a one-stop-shop for 101 education and the necessary docs I need to set up a legal business.

• I’m serious about note investing and am starting to put my systems in place. I have taken some training but I am smart enough to realize I don’t know what I don’t know. I want to expedite my learning curve with access to systems, forms, a roadmap, and leading experts.

• I want continuing education, B.S.-free resources, and networking and am interested in hearing from the experts. I’m ready to streamline my process to ensure I’m not making costly mistakes.

• I’ve already bought (or am about to bid on) an asset.

• I want to make sure my ducks are in a row so there is no way I’m overlooking something or paying too much. I’ve got the know-how but am interested in having an expert on-hand to run things by.

But what do I really get?

Forms and Documents Library


Valued at $2,575+

  • Business Plan ($200)
  • Borrower Letter ($200)
  • Marketing Letters ($100)
  • Note Closing Checklist ($100)
  • Operations Budget ($250)
  • Conversion / Origination Documents ($50)
  • Insurance Letters ($25)
  • Assignment Templates ($25)
  • Rehab Scope Template ($250)
  • Allonge Templates ($25)
  • Deed Template ($50)
  • Hello/Goodbye Letters ($25)
  • Door Knock Letter ($25)
  • County Tax Contacts ($1,000)

✓ Two-weeks free access to 7E Proprietary Partials, Performing Note & Non-Performing Calculators

✓ Monthly recorded Q&A with 7E Panel of Experts

✓ Access the private “Notes and Bolts” Facebook Community 

✓ Entry into 7E Membership Hub


Valued at $7,700+

  • Business Plan ($200)
  • Borrower Letter ($200)
  • Marketing Letters ($100)
  • Note Closing Checklist ($100)
  • Operations Budget ($250)
  • Conversion / Origination Documents ($50)
  • Insurance Letters ($25)
  • Assignment Templates ($25)
  • Rehab Scope Template ($250)
  • Allonge Templates ($25)
  • Deed Template ($50)
  • Hello/Goodbye Letters ($25)
  • Door Knock Letter ($25)
  • County Tax Contacts ($1,000)
  • Partials Calculator ($500)
  • Performing Note Calculator ($500)
  • Non-Performing Calculator ($2,000)
  • Accounting Form ($250)
  • Future Planning ($250)
  • Due Diligence Template ($500)
  • FDIC Reports ($500)
  • JV Closeout Letter ($250)
  • Loan Sale Agreements ($500)
  • Trial Payment Plans ($1,000)
  • Forbearance Plans ($1,000)
  • Foreclosure Timelines ($100)
  • Cash for Keys ($250)
  • VA Ability to Repay Template ($100)
  • JV Agreement ($1000)

✓ UNLIMITED Access to 7E Proprietary Partials, Performing Note & Non-Performing Calculators

✓ Monthly LIVE Group Q&A with 7E Panel of Experts

✓ Monthly LIVE Group Q&A with Chris Seveney

✓ Access the private “Notes and Bolts” Facebook Community

✓ Entry into 7E Membership Hub

Vince K.

“Chris Seveney talks the talk, but also walks the walk. He has grown his own note business from the ground up, and has been very generous in sharing his experiences along the way. We have partnered with 7E Investments on multiple occasions and can attest to his transparency and proficiency.” 

Jay C.

“Initially I was an avid listener of [Chris’] “Good Deeds Investing” podcast and was impressed by his deep knowledge of the notes industry and his willingness to share his experience and insights. He is a great partner in my exploration of the wonderful world of notes investing.”

Kelly I.

“Working with Chris has been fantastic. He takes pride in educating those new to note investing and has the ability to clearly explain the process. He has been honest and transparent about the risks involved.”

looking for more?

All Access

1-1 Mentorship Program

The Seveney Note Syndicate aims to cultivate the next wave of educated note investors. We provide consulting services to the investor on an as needed hourly basis versus charging a large upfront lump sum fee.

This program is ideally suited to those looking to gain first-hand knowledge while having an experienced note investor advising them along the way.

The Mentorship services can occur at any stage of the note acquisition and can start as early as when an investor has pre-selected a note for acquisition or as late as when an investor is contemplating foreclosure, or somewhere in between. These services consist of consulting the investor on the following:

These services consist of consulting the investor on the following:

  • Bid and Due Diligence Review
  • Manage the boarding of the Notes with the third party servicer
  • Manage the recordation and storage of collateral
  • General management of the Notes
  • Manage the exiting of the asset

1-1 Mentorship includes access to all Executive level forms and benefits for the duration of the month the investor is actively receiving consultation.

Seveney Mortgage Note Investing


Past 7E Expert Panelist Include:

Brian Gallagher

Brian Gallagher

Expert in

Note Investing, Real Estate & Contracts Law

Shante Duffy

Shante Duffy

Expert in

Loan Servicing

Brian Eastman

Brian Eastman

Expert in

Tax-deferred Savings Plans (Solo 401k/Self Directed IRA’s)


The ultimate membership program built to give you everything you need to start and grow your mortgage note investing business.


25+ Forms & Documents Library

1-1 Mentorship and Consultation

3 Proprietary Mortgage Note Calculators

Monthly Expert Q&A

Monthly LIVE Group Q&A

Notes and Bolts Facebook Community


Get immediate access to your membership benefits when you sign up.

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

Yes, we offer refunds on membership. The exact terms and conditions are outlined at the beginning of the sign-up process.  

How do I upgrade my membership?

We will be providing instructions within the portal for members to have the ability to upgrade their accounts.

How do I access the 7E Membership Hub?

You will login here:

Do I get to keep my access to the calculator if I downgrade or cancel my membership?

Unfortunately, only executive members will have access to the calculator. If you were to downgrade your membership your license will be revoked and you will no longer have access to the calculator or the files created when used.

How do I get approved to be a part of the Mentorship Program ?
  1. Investor completes Pre-Qualification Questionnaire.
  2. 7E will schedule a 15-minute pre-qualification call to confirm approval.
  3. Investor & 7E will execute an agreement.
  4. Investor schedules a 1-hour kick-off call to discuss investor’s experience and specific goals. 
  5. 7E will draft a mentorship and implementation plan for the investor from information obtained during the kick-off call.
  6. Investor sources note(s) for acquisition.
  7. Mentoring provided on an as-needed basis.
If I am new to Note Investing, can I be part of the mentorship program?

We have a pre-qualification form the Investor must complete prior to being approved for mentorship. The mentorship program is for investors who have in-depth knowledge in note investing but would prefer guidance from an experienced investor.

Do you assist with pricing and bidding on an asset?

For the mentoring program, we cannot advise you on what to bid for an asset as we are not licensed or registered financial advisors. We can however review with you comparable pricing data, asset financial analysis and due diligence to allow you to develop a bid price strategy.

Do you source notes for us to buy?

The Seveney Note Syndicate will be providing access to assets for members to bid on.

What is the difference between a Joint Venture and Mentoring?

A: A joint venture agreement is where both parties have ownership interest in the note, and profits are divided per the terms of the JV agreement. With our mentoring program, we have no ownership interest in the note therefore the Investor retains all profits. We act as a consultant based on an hourly rate.

What is the cost of your mentorship program?

Unlike other mentorship programs which cost tens of thousands of dollars, we understand every investor is not at the same experience level. Therefore, our mentoring program is done on an hourly rate basis of $250/hr. We do offer two prepaid discounted packages: 10-hours for $2,250 and 20-hours for $4,000.

As a member, will we receive any discounts to other vendors or programs?

Yes. We have arranged for discounts with a Loan Servicer and a SDIRA company. We are finalizing those now. We are also working with other vendors and conference organizers to these services and events. 

Will my membership price increase in the future?

The rate you join at is will remain your rate for the life of your membership. If you cancel and then rejoin, you will be charged the current rate at that time. The pricing is currently introductory pricing and will be increased in the future.